Our Services

Within each of the sectors we serve, S & S Recovery, Inc. specializes in providing full-service debt collection & recovery through specific methods including:

  • Free Pre-Collect Letter Service

    Having trouble finding the time to send your Final Demand Notices to past due students? Let us help you with this procedure.

    At NO additional cost, we will send out a Free Pre-Collect demand notice on our official letterhead for all your defaulted accounts (A/R's, Perkins, Institutional Loans, etc). This includes setup, printing, mailing and postage.

  • Billing Services

    For billing services, S & S Recovery, Inc. is associated with the following groups:

  • ECSI
  • ACS
  • Campus Partners
  • UAS
  • EDSI
  • Panhandle Plains
  • State Tax Offsets

    S & S Recovery, Inc. will work with your institution and the state tax offset program to increase funds collected. We still collect on the accounts that you turn over for active collections, even if your institution uses your state tax offset program.

  • Progress and Analysis Reports

    S & S Recovery Inc. will provide a variety of reports that are customized based on your facility’s needs. The following components are examples of standard information included in these progress and analysis reports you will receive during our work for you:

  • Client Acknowledgment
  • Statement of Collection
  • Active Debtor Status
  • Closed and Reactivated
  • New Address / Telephone
  • Production Analysis
  • Litigation Services

    S & S Recovery, Inc. prefers to collect on accounts through conventional channels. However, we provide a full range of collection services and options. Our agency serves your higher education facility on an individual basis to meet the needs for your school and each individual account. Upon the institution’s written authorization, our agency pursues delinquent accounts through the court system and in accordance with the laws of your state. S & S Recovery, Inc. retains a network of attorneys throughout the United States to ensure compliance with each state’s legal standards and practices.